Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

For Current Tenants



Q.    What should I do in case of emergency?

A.    For Fire, Police, or Health Emergencies dial 911 ASAP. For maintenance emergencies such as leaking or flooding water, fallen trees that impact the property, etc. Doors maintains a 24/7 Emergency Line at 877.304.3854.


Q.    Who do I make my rent check out to?

A.    "Doors Real Estate Management, Inc." or “Doors R.E.M.” is fine. Please make sure your name and rental property address appears somewhere on the check.


Q.    What should I do if there are repairs needed in my home?

A.    Give us a call here at Doors @ 760.602.0221 and we will prepare a Work Order describing whatever needs repair or replacement. If necessary we will contact your property's owner for authorization. We will then assign a Vendor your job and they will get in touch with you directly to schedule a house call for repair services.


Q.    Who do you use for maintenance work at my home?

A.    We hire local vendors/contractors who Doors' staff oversees throughout your maintenance projects. We endeavor to use vendors who deliver quality work for reasonable prices. We have years-long relationships with most of our vendors, who we trust and have found to be reliable.


Q.    When is my rent due?

A.    Check your signed lease, typically the first working day of the month.


Q.    What if my rent isn’t paid on time?

A.    We are somewhat flexible and almost always can grant a grace period of five days without your incurring a late fee. Rather than just pay late though, it is always better to communicate with us, we will always try to help, and we understand the best ways to avoid an eviction or any action that could mar your rental history. Please keep in mind we are collecting rents for property owners who usually need the rent income in time to make their own maintenance, mortgage and tax payments for your rental home.


Q.    What if I am in the military and I receive orders to be deployed or transferred?

A.    For active military personnel Doors’ leases include a clause limiting your liability and making it easier to be freed from rental obligations. Please phone us and speak with a Property Manager with any questions, we are very military friendly and appreciate your needs and contributions to our community.


Q.    Can you be reached if you are not in the office?

A.    You may always leave voice-mail at our primary office number 760.602.0221, and we monitor the messages outside of our normal business day (typically Monday through Saturday morning or afternoon.)


For maintenance emergencies such as leaking or flooding water, fallen trees that impact the property’s power, etc., Doors maintains a 24/7 Emergency Line at 877.304.3854 – this number is always provided on the office’s outgoing voicemail message at 760.602.0221.