Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

For Owners about Property Management



Q.    How does Doors Real Estate Management, Inc. screen our tenants?

A.    We have the tenants fill out a rental application for each adult. We require a copy of their driver’s license and proof of income – last two payroll stubs and/or last two summary pages of bank statements. The tenant screening report we receive includes a search for the following:

  • A nationwide credit
  • A criminal background
  • Evictions
  • Previous addresses
  • Verifies social security number
  • Gives us a credit score and risk score

We gain a picture of prospective tenants’ background history through this screening.


Q.    Who do you use for maintenance work at my property?

A.    We hire local vendor/contractors who Doors' staff oversees throughout your maintenance projects. We endeavor to use vendors who deliver quality work for reasonable prices. We have years-long relationships with most of our vendors whom we trust and have found to be reliable.


Q.    Can you make any payments for us regarding the property, for example a monthly mortgage payment?

A.    Yes, Doors Real Estate Management, Inc. can take responsibility for the disbursements of your mortgage, homeowners' association dues, taxes and property insurance payments. In order to make these payments you will need to submit a change of address to the companies giving them Doors' office address, and authorizing them to send billings to us. When you change your HOA mailing address to our office, we make copies of newsletters and other pertinent information and forward them on to your tenant and you.


Q.    How do I get my money from you?

A.    You may have checks sent to you or directly to your bank for deposit, typically on a monthly basis.


Q.    How soon do you send the money?

A.    Usually before the 10th of each month. Tenants have until the 5th of the month to pay their rent without incurring a late fee.


Q.    What kind of reports will Doors provide?

A.    You will receive a monthly report of income and expenses to your trust account. Our computer-generated reports include an attachment of any invoices for work completed at your property. You will also receive a year end statement for tax purposes.


Q.    When do we receive our statement?

A.    We mail them at the end of month because you may have other transactions after your money has been disbursed.


Q.    Can you be reached if you are not in the office?

A.    You may always leave voice-mail at our primary office number 760.602.0221, and we monitor the messages outside of our normal business day (typically Monday through Saturday morning or afternoon.)


For maintenance emergencies such as leaking or flooding water, fallen trees that impact the property’s power, etc. Doors maintains a 24/7 Emergency Line at 877.304.3854 – this number is always provided on the office’s outgoing voice-mail message at 760.602.0221.


Q.    Do you have references?

A.    Yes, take a look at the "Testimonials" section on this website.