Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

For Prospective Tenants



Q.    How do I see a property I'm interested in?

A.    Call Doors Real Estate Management, Inc. and make an appointment for one of us to meet you at the property and show it to you personally, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with an application.


Q.    How do I apply to lease a property?

A.    Fill out the rental application. If you haven't already received one from us, you may come into the office and pick one up, you can download one from, or we can fax, mail or email you one. We will need a copy of your picture I.D. It may be a current driver's license or DMV identification card, passport, or military I.D. We will also require either your last two payroll stubs or last two bank statements showing deposits, or “LES” if you are in the military. There is a $30 per adult cost to run the application through the tenant screening process, and with no fee to Doors for its role.


Q.    What does the tenant screening involve and what are you looking for?

A.    We are looking for a gross income (may be a combination of applicants’ income) of at least three times the amount of the monthly rent. We also need proof of income. The tenant screening will verify your social security number, and include a nationwide credit search, a criminal background search and see if you’ve had any evictions in the past.


Q.    How long does it take to get an answer to see if we are approved for the property?

A.    The screening is normally completed within one day. Delays are caused by incorrect information, or information not provided such as landlords' and/or employers' phone numbers.


Q.    What will I need to provide in order to move into the property after I've been approved?

A.    You'll need a cashier's check or money order(s) payable to Doors R.E.M. for the security deposit and first month's rent, and to sign the rental agreement.


Q.    Who do I contact after I move in if there is a maintenance problem?

A.    Our office if Doors Real Estate Management manages your property. You may email, telephone, fax or write us explaining the problem. We have qualified vendors we can call immediately to respond to your maintenance needs.