Investment Property Owners.

Doors’ Carlsbad office serves some 200 investment property owners — our clients — locally here in NW San Diego County, nationally and internationally. Our owner/clients live throughout California and the states, with many others investing from overseas. Owners trust Doors to handle the entire gamut of rental property tasks from standard marketing, maintenance and tenant screening, to more troublesome delinquent renter collections, occasional court appearances and, of course, emergencies (plumbing, weather damage, etc.)

Some clients own strictly for investment in California’s rich real estate market intending to sell whenever their time is right. Some California-lovers work and live out of the area, and purchase properties to rent for income and investment until they are free to move. Some owners who have family San Diego metro combine property inspections with personal travel and earn travel expense tax deductions.

Owners receive a monthly report of income and expenses for their Doors-maintained property trust account. Doors typically manages mortgage and tax payments and maintenance matters. Surplus dollar balances after monthly expenses, are disbursed per owner’s direction, typically at the end of month. Doors uses leading property management industry software, and its computer generated reports include an attachment of all invoices for work completed at each property, as well as a year-end statement for tax purposes.

Unlike most real estate operations Doors’ agents are not spending the preponderance of their time aggressively pursuing sales listings. Instead, most all of Doors’ sales activity is based on buying and selling investment properties for new and long-standing clientele. Established in 2001, Doors exists primarily on repeat business from satisfied investors and their families.

When clients sell off a rental, they usually choose Doors as their listing agent as there is already a good relationship based on rental management history. The owner has experienced how Doors rents and manages its properties. When an investor is looking to purchase a property, who better to help them choose the best available for renting, than the people at Doors who are in constant contact with the local rental market? Doors’ clients tend to be loyal, and the result is a staff that maintains its focus and priorities on property management.

Whatever your situation as an investor, be assured that Doors has likely serviced clients with similar needs, and will help you make the best owner decisions based on your circumstances and goals. Doors has up-to-the-minute, local market knowledge and experience. Understanding the unique needs of each investor and giving personal attention are fortes of Doors’ staff.

If you are considering Doors Real Estate Management, Inc. to help purchase and manage your investment property, call Elaine or John and get a sense of just how prepared Doors is to serve you. 760-602-0221.