Doors' Clients' Testimonials

"Elaine has been involved in managing our investment properties for over fifteen years. Her professional abilities -- namely outstanding problem solving and interpersonal relation skills -- are such that when she is involved with your real estate investment, you have complete confidence that from leasing to maintenance to record keeping, your investment will be properly cared for. I can't recommend her highly enough."
-Robert B.

"Elaine has been managing my two properties in Oceanside, CA over the past ten years and has done a great job. She is always available to pursue whatever question or problem I might encounter. She and her staff work well together and I always get a real person to talk with. She is great in finding prople to do that unexpected job at a fair price. I would recommend Doors Real Estate Management to manage any future investment properties that I might acquire."

"Doors Real Estate Management has been a terrific partner for me in so many ways. I feel very confident that every tranaction will go smoothly. We have used Doors in both acquisition and sales of residential and rental property as well as utilized the rental property management. The tenants were happy and this keeps me the owner happy. I refer Elaine every chance I get!"

"My wife and I own a real cute condo in Oceanside just across from the beach, and being that we are from out of town, we entrust Elaine at Doors realty to manage our property. She came highly recommended and rightly so. We had two other management companies prior to Doors that simply did not perform in the manner they should have. Doors has had our property now for over a year and will continue to manage it because they are true professionals."
-Ron and Nancy (Arizona)

"Elaine is by far the best property manager in the area--I know because I interviewed most of them. She takes care of all facets of my rental properties, from coordinating and paying maintenance repairs, to interacting with homeowners' associations, to screening potential renters, to making decisions regarding when carpets or drapes need replacing and locating the most economical materials for the job that will keep my rental properties looking spiffy and desirable. Elaine knows my preferences and monetary goals so that I totally trust her and rely on her judgment in all rental matters. Elaine makes my landlord experience truely an "absent" one, which is exactly the way I want it so I can enjoy my other non-monetary pursuits."


"Elaine provided me substantial piece of mind over my property at 355 Los Arbolitos, Oceanside, for many years and for which I am deeply grateful. She always got a good, long-term renter for it, looked after them and the property diligently, and, when they moved on, my property didn't stay vacant for very long. Later, when it came time to sell, Elaine handled the sale very efficiently and quickly for me, getting the price that I wanted from it, despite the struggle the buyer had with his lender. Overall, Elaine's work for me was outstanding and VERY fairly priced--I have no reservations whatsoever about recommending her to any client--and I'll happily tell them directly. To borrow a US Navy term: WELL DONE, Elaine! (And thanks too!)"
-Alex Lancaster

"When moving to Hawaii and renting out my house last year, I knew I could leave the property management in the hands of Doors REM with absolute trust. Everything is handled with impeccability and wonderful, professional service. Elaine is a delight to work with and I can absolutely count on her to take care of all aspects of my property management, leaving me completely stress free. I highly recommend their services!"
-Selina Heaton

"Elaine first managed three rentals we bought in Oceanside in Sept 1999. Since then we have added 1 in Oceanside in Dec. 2002, and in Jan 2004 we added 2 rentals in San Marcos. We still own four of these and Elaine continues an outstanding job of managing them. She has always gotten us market rents, with a low turnover. More importantly, the renters selected have never caused us problems. They have paid promptly and left the property in good condition. We also appreciate Elaine's expertise in determining what repairs are needed and arranging for them to be done quickly and within budget. We always know what costs will be and can discuss those with her beforehand. She is expecially good at keeping us informed and returning our calls. We have been investing in real estate rentals for over 20 years and only wish that our investment experiences in other locations had worked out as well."
-Bob & Gloria Hall

"We are long distance landlords and it is essential that we can trust our management team. After several years of so-so management we turned to Doors and Elaine about one year ago. We couldn't be happier and only wish we had done it sooner. She is thorough, businesslike, follows through with requests, keeps us informed and returns phone calls in a timely way with answers to our questions. Her rental agreements are current and in keeping with legal constraints. Her timely records are accurate and accountant ready. All in all we would recommend Doors to anyone."
-H. & B.